Friday, 12 July 2013

30 Day Blogger Challenge - A Moment In My Day

Day 9 - A Moment In My Day

Today has been a mishmash of interesting highs and boring lows. It started with me taking my son to hospital who is having some investigations into various things. Today, he was fitted with a 24 hr BP machine and a 24 hr ECG recorder. Charlie is used to being prodded and poked by the hospital, but today he looks like something out of a sci-fi film (It's all Dramarama in this house at the mo). Not sure if it's appropriate to show him off, but here goes....

My little trussed up chicken, awaiting a good roasting! It looks worse than it is, promise!

Before all this, at around 6 am, I was treated to my dog (a Labradollie, who goes by the name of Millymoo) play fighting with our houseguest, a chocolate Labrador, Brooke, on my bed. The photo is a mass of blur, and they look so violent with all their teeth on show, but it's hilarious, and they're the best of friends. 

This afternoon's delight is a show of complete pride! My very first homegrown tomato! I am elated. Alright, it's diddy and looks more like a mini alien bum, but isn't it just fabulous?

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