Wednesday, 24 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - A story from my childhood.

Day 18 - A story from my childhood. 

I can remember my very first memory. Certain things are hazy, but the one thing I do remember is that I was two and on a ferry to the Isle of Man. I can remember dancing around in my blue dress in what must have been the lounge area or something similar. I remember everyone telling me how pretty I looked and what I good dancer I was. People are biased with toddlers!

I remember the day we moved from Lingdale/Boosebeck in Cleveland, North Yorkshire to London. I remember how much we all cried as we waved goodbye to friends and family. If I were to have any regret, it would possibly have been leaving there, but it was out of my control. Who knows how life could have been if I'd stayed there. Maybe worse, maybe better. I'll never know. And as I don't have any regrets in life (a lot of 'if only,' but no regrets), I can't say I'm overly sad at what could have been. I just miss a lot of people that I would never have had to miss had we stayed.

I remember a holiday on the Norfolk Broads. My sister fell in after I chased her along the little harbour. It was terrifying but a man came to our rescue and she came back with an eel in her trainer. It's all good.

See what memories the other ladies are reliving in their blogs! 

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