Monday, 15 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - What do I miss?

Day 12 - What do I miss?

In truth, everything that Vicky from The Curved Opinion said, but this is more about me and what I miss most in the world. Where to begin? I miss my innocence; the time in my life when there wasn't anyone who could hurt me. I miss the feeling of wonder when you experience upon a new discovery, like a Tom and Jerry cartoon that you haven't seen - or the disappointment because it's a 1950/60s cartoon instead of the '40s. I miss my granny, and both grandads so much it hurts to breathe sometimes. I miss them because they remind me of what it was to have complete innocence and to be seen as something perfect because that's exactly how they did see me. I was never a disappointment or upset to them. That's not to say I am a particular disappointment to anyone now; life has a strange way of making us feel less than adequate at times, and I miss the feeling of not feeling that way. 

I miss my family because they live so far away, but by the same token, I feel like we're better off and there's less stress among us and fewer fall outs. 

I miss my gran who lives in Scotland - where I was born. I miss living at home because my parents would make me phone her and now it's a case of having such a busy and shitty year that I a)forget and b)don't feel it's appropriate to start a conversation with my woes. I miss having pure fun to talk about. 

I miss my dog, Jack. He was innocence personified in an animal. I wish I'd had more time to care for him before he died. I miss him so much. It's been about 8 years, and I miss him like crazy. Luckily, I now have a Milly dog who is just as scatty, but not quite so innocent. My leg can testify to this!

2012 was a hard year, but in 2013, I find I miss 2012. 

I miss Deserate Housewives, 24 and LOST. 

I miss the summer evening working in Porto Colom. They were fun for the most part. 

I miss  being pregnant, the time before everything WASN'T okay. 

I miss my boyfriend sleeping in bed at night. 

Oh, and I miss Les Dawson, Tommy Cooper and Rod Hull and Emu.

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