Wednesday, 10 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - The Story of My Life in 250 Words

On Thursday last week, a new 30 Day Blog Challenge was started by one of my sister's friends. My sister is a plus size blogger, as are most of her blogging friends. I am not. I don't really know what I want to blog about yet, and I thought this might get the creativity flowing in me, so when I saw the blog challenge, I asked if I could take part. I'm glad I did. The questions and suggestions are very interesting. You'd think that writing your life story in 250 words would be easy. It is not! I am suddenly stumped. I know where to start and where to end, but what do I do in the middle. However, here goes:

The story of my life in 250 words. Day 1

I was born in Forth Park Hospital in Kirkcaldy, Scotland on September 22nd, 1976. I’m  a Wednesday’s child; they’re full of woe. This does not bode well for this particular post, does it?
I’m actually happy go lucky, but I have terribly itchy feet; always wanting to move somewhere. I think that’s largely in part to the fact I’ve moved around a lot, and I’ve never really settled. We move when I was two, to a little village called Boosebeck in the North of England. This is where my mum was from. My dad is Scottish. We moved to London when I was 9 and I moved to Wales when I was 19 (1996) after getting married. I married young and I married wrong. We then moved to Mallorca in 1999. My twin sons were born in 2002 and they caused me more heartache than you could possibly imagine – through no fault of their own. In September, 2006, I moved back to the UK because there was no work in Mallorca, and I had separated from my husband. It’s now 2013, I’m divorced, I live alone with my boys, but I am happy for the most part. Those moves around the country and abroad don’t total the number of times I’ve moved. I’ve moved house more times than I’ve had hot dinners, I don’t think I’m done yet. I move when I’m restless. When I can’t move, I change the living room around. It changes a lot.

Here are the links to the lovely ladies taking part in the blog challenge; take a look:

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