Thursday, 25 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Rant about something

Day 22 - Rant about something.

Oh where do I begin? There's so much to say. These points are aimed at everyone, including me, because I've been guilty at one time or another.

1. Deleting people on Facebook because they disagree with your opinion. WTF is that all about? I can understand if they are spouting hatred, but when it's people you know and they just disagree with you or you disagree with their views? Get over yourselves. The intrinsic differences - whether mental or physical - are often what make us so interesting.

2. Ranting about the royals because they live a life of privilege and have more than we do. Who really gives a shit? They are part of our heritage, and I don't mind having them around. Hating on a newborn baby and then pretending you're not?  More 'get the fuck over yourselves.' They can't help being born into a life of privilege.

3. Making political statements when the policy you're banging on about doesn't affect you in any way; it's all because you hate authority. I am not enjoying our political leaders in the slightest, or any of their new found policies which DO affect me, but I also have more important things to worry about. Judge me because I don't take action, judge me because I complain about my lot in life, but don't take a look at yourselves in the process of doing me and others down? You're all off your rockers. I take action in my own right and in my own time. I don't need bullying into supporting the propaganda you create. I respect your right to protect your land, your money, and your family, but most of the time, you all seem like you do it because you think you're right about everything, when, in fact, you're wrong.

4. Cruel for the sake of being cruel. Why? What do you get out of it other than self gratification? Masturbation is quicker and more satisfying. 

5. Policing Facebook or any other social media and constantly complaining about what people are writing about. Rant in a blog. OR, better still, limit your rants and bitter spiel to a certain number of times a week. I hide your BS, you can hide other people's. Or, if you don't like someone, then I guess it's acceptable to remove them. Even better than that, bitch with a friend.

6. Don't write posts anywhere that you know will provoke a reaction and expect everyone to agree with you. Don't post if you don't want to have your opinion challenged. 

7. Ambiguity? Cries of 'Oh my God, I can't believe that just happened!' and then not explaining yourself. Why say it in the first place? It's attention seeking.

8. Mentioning your anatomy (you know who you are :P) in the public arena knowing exactly what it will bring and then act the innocent. It's Douchebaggery! 

9. Self aggrandising yourself constantly and looking down on people because you think you're better than the rest. You're not. You're not happy and exude hatred and think people like you. They don't. It's sociopathic behaviour and it's about time you all grew up! 

10. Don't complain about how unhappy you are and then do nothing about it. 

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