Sunday, 21 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - 10 Things That Make Me Happy

Day 14 - 10 Things That Make Me Happy

1. Without a shadow of a doubt, it's the sound of my children laughing. That totally genuine chuckle that comes from within, and usually happens as a result of something the other has done is like liquid gold. There's nothing else like it in the world. 

2. That feeling of being totally loved and respected by your other half. Anyone in the real world knows this feeling isn't with you always, but those days when you can just feel it because they are breathing in your soul is immense. 

 3. When my dog, Milly, snuggles up to me because she knows I'm upset. I've never known such an intuitive animal with my own feelings. She's my little rock. We got her a couple of years ago, and if I'm honest, I was at a very low ebb in my life. She helped turn things around.

4. Watching movies under a duvet on the floor with the kids or the other half while eating ourselves stupid on things that are bad for you. 

5. The colour blue. Why not. Blue is my favourite colour. 

6. Polka dots. Blue and white polka dots remind me of the day my uncle Sean got married, and my granny wore a blue and white polka dot dress. I thought she looked beautiful. And looked much nicer than the other lady who wore the exact same dress on the day! 

7. Playing Red Dead Redemption online with my other half. We don't live together, so it's why we can do this. It's so silly to some, but I don't have much of an interest in going out and socialising, so this time together is precious to me. Unfortunately, we've done everything we can do on there and then some, so now we await the release of GTA5. 

8. The cherries growing on my potted cherry tree. I have it in a pot because we bought it as a symbol of something very special in our lives, but I won't plant it in the ground until I know I'm settled in a place forever. We also have a Magnolia tree in a pot for a similar reason. I want to plant them so desperately, but with no solid roots (in all senses of the word), it's difficult to know what to do with them. 

9. My tomatoes growing. They are one of my proudest achievements (behind the kids, obviously), because I am known for my ability to kill even the hardiest of plants. These are my masterpiece, and I can't wait to show them to you! 

10. Laughing. I laugh pretty much all the time. When I'm not laughing and cross, you know there's something amiss. But laughter truly makes me happy and makes me feel like nothing can get in my way. 

What makes everyone else happy? Take a look! 


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