Wednesday, 10 July 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - The thing I'm most afraid of

Day 7 - The thing I'm most afraid of.

For me, this was a simple one. I'm afraid of two things: my children dying or me dying and leaving them behind. I don't wish to be morbid, and I know those two things are probably as cliche as my fear of spiders and creepy crawlies flying near my face, but they genuinely terrify me and keep me awake at night. I've come close to losing them both at one time or another, and that lead me to a very dark place. My children are everything to me, as are most kids to their parents, but we have a special and unique relationship that has been hard and fraught at times, but for the most part has been so filled with laughter, it's all I can do to stop myself from crying when I think of the sound of their laughter. I won't elaborate further.

I also have a fear of drowning or fire. Fire freaks me out, but that's because I set my house alight when I was five. Little pyromaniac that I was!

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  1. hmm, I seem to remember a few fire incidents involving you :) clothes over an electric wall heater being one and setting fire to the grill being another :-D

    1. Hmmm, it's a possibility. I also nearly set myself alight when we lived in Tottenham, and I tried to light newspaper from the gas fire for the hell of it! I blame you, obviously! :D xx